A Black Man Psychology Concept, Example Essay Paper

A Black Man Psychology Concept

There is the concept of functionalism in the passage. Functionalism is a concept that ensures that an individual uses their mental ability and mind to their benefit. It means that the human mind is an asset an individual possesses and every person should ensure that it brings good results. Therefore, there is a need for each to analyze a situation that he or she faces to ensure that they make the best out of the decisions that they make. Functionalism id the practical value of psychology as good decisions made by one's mind leads to visible results. Cameron is polite and a calm person. Even when the cops are mishandling his wife, he makes a decision to remain calm and not to react. He does not confront the cops, as he is well aware that there are consequences. In the end, the cops let them go without any more hitches despite his wife's disappointment. He uses his mental calmness to avoid confrontation with the cops.

 Cognitive Science or Cognitivism is another concept in the passage. The focus of Cognitive science is mental processes. Some mental processes include learning, memory, problem solving and perception. There is a relationship between Cognitive science to other concepts such as linguistics and philosophy. Cognitive ability of an individual is assessable by how well he or she can learn, remember or solve problems. In the passage, the cognitive ability of Daniel is high. He has the skill of problem solving. His daughter is under the bed trying to hide since she is afraid to gun shot sounds she was previously used to. However, her father has the solution to that, which is an invisible coat he puts on her. Daniel's daughter is not afraid again. In addition, Daniel tries to help Farhad by telling him to find a new door that Farhad does not see necessary.

 Behaviorism is the next concept. Behaviorism is the concept involving response of an individual to the environment manifested in their behavior. It is the response of an individual to stimuli. Stimuli exert influence on an individual depending on its intensity that occurs repeatedly or in association of pleasure or pain. The influence exerted on an individual manifests in observable behavior. There is the rejection of dualistic explanations that include "consciousness" and "mind" by Behaviorists, who embrace the idea of "contingency-shaped behaviors". A contingency shaped behavior is the concept that indicates there is the manifestation of unawareness to the outside world. In the passage, Farhad's receives advice from Daniel to replace the door that Daniel is changing the lock. However, Farhad does not replace the door. It is then that thieves broke it and vandalize his property. He later blames Daniel and goes to his home after finding out where he lives. The stimulus in this case is the pain of his property being vandalized. From this mental and physical state of anger, he shoots Daniel's daughter. Therefore, the stimulus of vandalism leads to pain manifested by shooting Daniel's daughter. Farhad's behavior of shooting a small girl is because of the environment influence.

 The passage has the concept of Gestalt. It is the concept that is about the ability of an individual to experience any happens as a whole. There is no breaking down of behavior and thoughts to tiny elements. The reason for this is that there is the belief that the experience as a whole is more important than the sum of its part. Christine has to experience the calmness of her husband to understand that it is not always about violence. She experienced the consequences of being on the wrong side of the law and not being calm and apologetic. Her behavior of talking rudely to the officers without analyzing mentally what are the consequences led to her experience. It is later that she thinks about the incidence and acknowledges the importance of remaining calm like her husband.

 Humanistic concept deals with a person as a whole. It is by the use of intersubjectivity, phenomenology, and first-person. Humanistic attempts to explain the concept of an individual as whole but not fragmented parts. There is the focus on meaning, aloneness, freedom, death, and self-actualization. This concept has a close relationship to the founders of the hierarchy of human needs. Cameron is driving alone with the aim of self-actualization. It is to mean that Cameron wants to self-actualization. In addition, driving alone in a car can also be a sign of aloneness, as he does not enjoy the company of other people despite being that it is he who wants that.

 Psychoanalysis is the ability of thinking about something and later interpreting the experience. It helps in treating emotional distress especially one that is an unconscious conflict. This concept is broad as takes into consideration concepts such as an unconscious mind, repression, and sexuality. These three aspects are important as they are considered to pillars of psychological development. Ria and Graham are in the act of having sex when the Graham's phone rings. However, Graham does pick the phone to speak to the caller. It leads to conflict between the two.



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