Al Jaber Aviation Engineering Research Paper Sample

Describe the type of operation AjA i, What aircraft do they use? What is their target market and how do they get to their target market?

Al Jaber Aviation is an Abu Dhabi jet airline with its base in the United Arab Emirates.  Al Jaber Aviation is a branch of the Al Jaber Group. This company is best known as the first organization to purchase the Airbus A318 Elite that it made its acquisition in 2007 in the whole of the United Arab Emirates. It was on 1st June 2009 that the company opened its doors to both local and international clients.

            The company has a large number of private jets. Most stakeholders in the industry know the jets it owns as "aircraft taxis”. It means that the company does not deal in large travel activities but instead the company specializes in personalized and private air travel. Its slogan "Your Private Airspace” is evidence to its business activities. This means that its operations are not those normally in the market but different in the aspect of executive fleet. The company does not operate large airplanes with large capacity but just few with up to 19 people.

            The company has high regard to individuals that it refers to as the "Very Important Person”. It is any client in need of the company’s services, meaning that the client must get the best service there is in the market. The Executive Charter Operation is the operation that ensures that all clients get the treatment of a Very Important Person. Besides the operation of executive flights, the company is engaging in other business activities such as consultancy, sales, acquisition and management of aircrafts. In addition, the company rents its fleet on a periodic basis such as daily or hourly, aviation training programs, oversight surveys, audits and ground services.

            Al Jaber Aviation operates in a downtown VIP airport that is the former Bateen air base. It manages a fleet from three airplane manufacturers: Airbus, Hawker and Embraer. There is a nine seat Hawker 800xp, that the company takes great pride in. There are four Airbus Elite A318 with a total capacity of 19 seats. There are four Embraer planes: two Lineage 1000 with ten seats and two Legacy 600 with thirteen seats. There is the order for two Airbus A319 corporate jets as well as eight Embraer Legacy 450/500s.

            The company management refers to the company as a global brand, which will conquer the global market. It means that the company is targeting the whole world as the market. To be specific, the company’s targets are the Arabic, African and Asian markets. The acquisition of this enormous market was through aggressive service delivery as described by Mr. Mark Pierotti, the company’s chief operating officer. The company biggest strength is the identification of a market gap that it tries to cater and provide the services.

            The market gap is the provision of private shuttle in the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world. There are no companies providing in this market segment. Most if not all charter, companies have their focus on providing mid and large size jet services. The company targets mostly the businessmen from the United Arab Emirates heading to Europe for business. In addition to the provision of flight services, there is no large service provider providing engineering and maintenance services. There might be major players in this industry in the United States and in Europe but there are none in the Middle East and the Gulfs. There is the estimation of about 300 executive jets in the Middle East and as the area to be served increases, the number of planes increases drastically.

            Since AJA is well aware of the target market, there is need for an entry strategy. The entry strategy was the acquisition of licenses to maintain fleets of various companies namely Hawker, Embraer and Airbus. These licenses are essential as the company looks to diversify its operations in the United Arabs Emirates. The company can maintain not only its own fleets but also other companies meaning it is not possible to have a breakdown of its operations in the flight segment, as they are the experts in maintenance. The company with its approval as a consultant in the aviation sector has been useful in ensuring that the company is the market leader in aviation industry. The company’s consultancy services are divided into three: technical, operational and commercial services.

            There has been growth in the company’s bases from one to three: Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. This is clear indication that the company is heading in the right direction. There is no difference in class when it comes to services, that is, there is no first, business or economy classes as is common with other aviation companies. The company has only one class, the client’s class.  After all, it is the executive and Very Important Persons only class who are the clients. The company has taken aviation to another level, as there has been no private jet hire in the Middle East. The company is growing its number of air crafts to ensure that it is possible to cater for its growing client base. The diversification is another stronghold. The company’s ability to maintain even other companies’ fleets shows the company’s commitment to service delivery to the industry as a whole. 


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