In Defense of Being a Kid Article Essay Paper Sample

"In Defense of Being a Kid" Article Review Essay Sample

            James B. Murphy is a Professor of Government wrote the article In Defense of Being a Kid on 2nd September 2011. The publication of the article was by The Wall Street Journal. The author takes the philosophy of Amy Chua the "tiger mother”. The author is of the idea that there is need for parents to keep their children in mind when approaching the role of parenting as childhood is just a stage that a child passes through into adulthood.   

There is the use of tone in the essay as the author attempts to express attitude towards the topic. There is the expression of tone through the details and words that the author selects. There is the use of a subjective tone; there is the use of words that describe opinions, feelings and judgment. The author expresses an opinion by stating that parenting is hard. There is the expression of opinions by Ms. Chua when she states that she will bring up successful, ambitious and happy adults. It is an opinion and not a fact, thus subjective tone. There is consistency in the tone that has been used in the whole essay creating a mood in the essay. The tone has been helpful in stating the opinion of the author as the author is in admission that parenting is not easy.

Allusion is an expression that is useful in calling something into the mind of the reader without actually mentioning it explicitly. It is an indirect reference. There is the use of the Bible and the Holy Scripture as an illusion. There is the mention of Jesus who in the gospel books of the Bible, who praised children and even asked people to emulate children. This is clearly stated in the book of Luke. The author is reminding people another point of view on the way to treat children as was stated by Jesus. The author references the Bible without actually mentioning it. The use of illusion is effective, there is the mention of Jesus and the Bible as a source comes into mind.

Logic is using valid reasoning to come into conclusion on any issue. There is the use of logic in the essay to come into conclusion that there are blessings of childhood. The reasoning points are that children have moral innocence, openness to the future and absence of their sense of time. Logic is useful in the determination of aspects that are not facts but conclusions that any rational individual can come up with. The use of logic in the essay helps the audience understand some aspects of life that are not facts since cannot be proven scientifically but are correct. The author is effective in the use of logic.

Use of language is an important aspect to the author. Language helps the author convince and persuade the reader. Language helps change the mind of people and it is what the readers infer understanding. The author uses a metaphor in the use of the word "tiger”. It is useful in describing Ms. Chua as a tough woman in matters of discipline. All throughout essay, there is the description of Ms. Chua as a woman who is using discipline in the attempt to mould her children into responsible adults. A tiger is a very tough animal. It is with this understanding of the animal that the author decides to use to explain the nature of Ms. Chua.

Authors must ensure that there is effective communication through adopting a style that promotes language. Characteristics of effective language are constructive, formal, clear, familiar, concise and specific. The language used is familiar, in that it is recognizable and understandable. Constructive language assists deliver a negative message positively. The effect could be the reader becoming defensive to some degree hence the need to be constructive. All through the essay, the author is formal and is aware that the reader is keen to ensure that there is maintenance of formality.

The author attempts to make an argument on children. He states both sides on the issue of happiness of children. He quotes a Greek philosopher Aristotle who stated that there is no child that is happy as a child is not in a position to accomplish any intellectual activities that lead to a flourished life. The author then gives the argument about children from the Bible. He talks of an instance whereby Jesus gave an opinion on children and described them as humble and even grownups should emulate children. The author explanation provides an argument so that the reader decides whatever opinion he or she sees as she right one. It is the reader’s right of opinion that the author respect thus gives the argument without concluding to ensure that the reader forms his/her own opinion.

The author cites other sources in the essay. This is in form of quoting an individual or a book. It is acknowledging that it is not his work; it is the work of others but was relevant in his work. It gives the audience variety and more information. The author cites the Bible as a source and the ancient philosopher. Citing other sources help the audience know where to read just in case they are willing to do some further reading.

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