Donald J. Trump: Leadership Style Sample Business Essay Paper

Donald J. Trump: Leadership Style


Leadership is essential today for any business to run successfully. Billion dollar corporations invest enormous money in talented and skillful leadership to steer them through the fast paced world of business (Trump and Mcleiver 23). There are few of these individuals who have risen far above the rest to accomplish a  positive change in the business world. Donal J Trump is one such individual.

Many around the world will recognize the name Donald Trump from the TV shows on The Apprentice or The Celebrity Apprentice. Public persona as with that of Donald Trump can be confused with the personality that demonstrates his leadership style. Insiders have it on good report that Donald Trump is a one who practices an autocratic style of leadership. Many who are familiar with this kind of leadership tend to paint it in a negative light, but it has its merits when practiced with skill (Hughes, Ginnet and Cuphy, 203). The Trump organization is renown around the world of investing in real estate. This as a result of visionary leadership from one individual – Donald J Trump. Autocratic leaders like Donald Trump are very much visionaries. He has a long term vision of the organization and has managed to get all around him to latch onto this vision and carry it to completion.

As with autocratic leadership, Donald J Trump has centralized decision making around himself. This has the positive effect of having decisions made in the shortest time possible. As passionate as he is a leader and has managed to harness the energy of all individuals in his organization to accomplish set goals and tasks. He practices close oversight over all activities and employees, which allows the organization to leap the benefit the best talents being brought to bear to make the organization competitive. Close oversight over employees, makes sure that there is optimum productivity. Quality is maintained and also improved (Hughes, Ginnet and Cuphy, 345).

The Trump organization is known to have less bureaucracy as layers of management are done away with. Thus, there is more efficiency and when a problem occurs it is very easiy identified and rectified. Donald Trump is known to be at the heart of every deal his company makes and  is known to be a tough negotiator. He comes out as a very confident individual and it’s a well known fact that people will most likely follow a confident leader. The employees of Trump organization are able to easily identify with this confidence and give their best at work(Trump and Mcleiver, 107).

Donald is also a knowledgeable person and has what is commonly referred to as real world skills (Trump and Mcleiver, 45). He is not a theoretical leader, but a practical individual who is able to navigate even in the roughest of storms in the business world. He was at one time declared bankrupt, but overcame that and was able to build from scratch and raise a billion dollar organization. It is his applicable knowledge of the real estate world that enabled him to steer the organization to where it is. Authority and confidence are two of his most remarkable traits and his employees recognize the same are able to do their very best  at work.

Many individuals who  practice an autocratic style of leadership do so from a need for power,but this is not the case with Donald its not merely about having power,  but steering a process from beginning to end with a well articulated vision in mind (Trump and Mcleiver, 97). This is a quality that is attractive to many people and thus his organization attracts some of the best talents from around the world (Hughes, Ginnet and Cuphy, 645). The future of real estate is bright with people like Donald Trump at the helm.

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