Jerry Case Study Research Paper Example

Jerry Case Study

     In this context, the problem is that Jerry and his company associates did not carry out concrete market study. The kind of market study that Jerry and his team carried out was out baked. This is the main reason why they were unable to capture the minds of their customers. Even after failing to capture the needs of their clients, Jerry and his team went ahead to implement their product oriented decisions.

      After failing on the market research section, Jerry and his team went ahead and manufactured the lawn mower machines. The decision to go ahead and manufacture the lawn machine was wrong since the product was not based on market demands. Since the product was a result of personal orientation, the market was not going to appreciate it when released. Ignoring the market preferences was a wrong move Jerry and his company associates.

     After manufacturing the lawn machine, the company lacked a concrete measures on how to market the product. This explains why Jerry and his team had to wait for a long time before they could release the lawn machine into the market. Their delay was majorly fuelled by the fact they lacked the right marketing structures and the product was not market friendly.

     In order to solve the problem at hand, Jerry and his team ought to come up with the appropriate marketing strategies within a short span of time. With the right marketing strategies, selling the lawn machines will become an achievable task. If there is need to make some changes on the machine, the entire process ought to be carried out within the shortest time. This move will ensure that other competitors with the same product do not take over the market. When selling the lawn machines, Jerry and his associates ought to avoid fooling their clientele. Fooling the clients to buy their products is a move that could have detrimental effects at later days. The company could go to the extent of facing a law suit from its customer base.

     In this case, two parties are greatly affected. One of the affected parties are the workers that going to be laid off. These are individuals who have worked for the company tirelessly. The other affected party in this case is the company. The company has developed a product that is not market friendly at all. From a critical angle, the move of making lawn machines was a loss oriented venture since no products were obtained from it. The main aim of the company is to generate profits thus making losses is a bad move. The company could be in more danger of it invests more cash in improving the quality of the lawn machines. If the company invests more cash on this product, it could be in the verge of making more losses. Making more losses will automatically send the company into bankruptcy.

     In this situation, it is ethical to avoid sending off employees who have served the company in an honest manner for a long time. Cutting off such employees leaves them with no financial leverage. The company ought to avoid lying to the customers about the quality of their lawn machines. Deceiving the clients is a wrong business move.

     Jerry should avoid making any hasty decision that could lead the company into making more losses. Making more losses could send the whole company into bankruptcy. Jerry should come up with concrete market strategies that will ensure that he pushes the sales of his lawn machines. Jerry should make all; these decisions in the shortest time possible in order to avoid being caught unawares by his competitors.

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