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Controversy over Huge Payments Made to Professional Athletes Essay Sample

          Over the years, there has been a huge controversy over the huge payments made to professional athletes. Many individuals have argued that these athletes receive huge amounts while others argue that the amounts are justified considering the amount of money these players make for their teams.  In this debate, the main question should be what is considered as being overpaid? It is a fact that most professional athletes receive millions of dollars while others do not.  Before jumping into conclusion and arguing that these players are paid a lot of money, one needs to consider that, the hardest part for these athletes is the process of rising to a professional level. A professional athlete is paid for the hard work he or she does on the field and they play for profit making organizations and in tournaments that are out to make money. Considering this fact, it would be appropriate to argue that professional athletes are normally overpaid, but they receive this money for the right reasons.

            According to Dan Stein, people have argued and criticized the issue of players earning up to twenty five million dollars a season. To some individuals this is considered as an overpayment, these people have a right to their opinion, but they must also consider the amount of money these players make for their teams. Stein argues that the sports professional is a multi-billion industry and these players are the reasons why the sports industry makes huge profits. The industry runs profitable deals through the sale of tickets, radio deals, merchandise sale and advertising. All these deals translates to more money for the teams and therefore, looking through the content within which the sportsmen who earn that huge salary, one will realize that they are paid consequently (Stein, 1).

        People who criticize the idea of professional athletes getting a huge salary normally classify these professionals in one single category. According to Khalid Salaam, people make the error of grouping all athletes together. They need to consider that there are professional athletes who are not paid as much as the other professional get. The professionals get higher salaries because they play in a way that entertains the fans and they do not just get high salaries just for their play. They work hard to keep large crowds flowing to watch them in the filed a business process for their franchise to make money. Professional athletes deserve the huge salaries they receive because they run the risk of getting a career terminating injury every minute they step into the field.  The athletes risk breaking their legs, ankles, and others may suffer long-term problems because of playing in the field. Therefore, receiving huge salaries is a means of compensating such risks on the field. Professional players take hits on their bodies every day and in some case, some end up with serious medical problems once they retire. The millions they make during their careers are in some cases used to cater for their medical bills when they run into such challenges. They sacrifice their bodies on a regular basis to entertain huge crowds and due to the challenges, they go through their careers and long after their careers, it would be appropriate to compensate them with a huge salary. According to Dr. Chris Mueller, injuries affect most athletes both during and after their professional career, (Mueller, 1). Mueller asserts that, most insurance companies deny these athletes insurance covers that help in hip or kneecap replacement surgery. Most of these replacements are costly ranging between 35-40 thousand dollars for individuals without insurance. These replacements coupled with other therapies and medical expenses are some of the expenses that might pop up for a professional athlete. These physical problems are expensive and can cost an athlete a lot of money in order to live a normal life after retirement. This problem together with the fact that most insurance companies do not cover professional athletes makes their medical bills higher than those of average individuals. For this reason, I say that professional athletes deserve huge salaries because of the risks associated with their profession.

        Professional athletes deserve to be paid huge salaries because they risk quality time with their families and friends. Some individuals may argue that these professionals only work when the tournaments are active. However, this is not the case, most professional athletes work during the offseason since they have to stay in shape. They spend hours on the field training even if they have to miss spending time with their friends and families. In some cases, they miss special and important occasions with their families. They have to stay in shape in order to avoid losing their jobs; most professional sports teams have the ability and resources to hire new players to replace an athletes who has fallen out of shape. As a result, it is vital for the athletes to stay in shape in order to ensure that they retain their jobs and receive their huge salaries. Most people also argue that these professionals contribute less to the society compared to the value they receive for their jobs. However, I believe this is irrelevant to the fact that these sportsmen are successful in their job and people enjoy what they do on the field. Salaam argues that, it is unfair to criticize these professionals, because they are just taking money from individuals who are paying them to do their work (Salaam, 1). The society values sports and most people love seeing their favorite sportsman performing well in his or her field and this is just the modern way of life of the society.

        In conclusion, I believe that some professional athletes are overpaid, but for the right reasons. The people, who say that athletes are overpaid, must consider that the fact that there are several categories of athletes and not every professional athlete makes a huge amount of salary.  There are hardworking professional sportsmen and they barely get enough money to meet their needs. The teams they play for make a lot of money for as compared to the amount the player earns. The player plays the significant role of entertaining and attracting the fans to the field to watch the games and at the same time, his or her success on the field will assist his team to sell merchandise. The athletes risk their lives in the field and long after they retire they need money to support their lives due to the physical injuries incurred during their career days. The people opposed to the idea of professional athletes getting a huge salaries need to understand the risks  these professionals grow through and also  consider the fact that not all professional sportsmen  earn millions of dollars.


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